Damaged Sets


I have one, and possibly two sets that contain damaged volumes.

The first set has undamaged volumes 1 to 4. Volume 5 has very light water damage to the first few pages. No discoloration, but you can tell. Volume 6 has an almost invisible discoloration on the front cover, about an inch and a half wide, about 3/4 of an inch high. I will sell this set for $1500 including domestic US shipping. Overseas, I’ll have to get a price. The sets are shipped in three USPS “large” flat rate boxes in either case.

The second set has a variety of faults, but is certainly readable. I’ll get details if anyone is interested. The price is $1200.


The time has come, the walrus said…

Folks, I have just about reached end-game. I have been unable to find a partner to help complete the second printing. I have one more person to talk to in the next week or so. If I do not reach an agreement, then I will tell you so, and I will return deposits for the second printing starting April 16th. I will return funds–in full–in the order I received them. I reach this position regretfully, but things have dragged on very much too far as it is.

If I should ever offer a second printing again, I will only do so with stock in hand, ready to ship.

Slipcovers are in the same boat: but I am hoping to pull those out yet, as they are not exactly a major capital investment.

I have a small supply of volumes that have been damaged, but are readable. I will offer them for sale after the return of your deposits and payments. I don’t think I have a complete set of even damaged volumes, but I will photo the damage for anyone interested when I am ready to sell them off. They might afford someone some of Jack’s work that they do not presently have.

I appreciated the patience you have shown, and once again apologize for the non-event of the second printing.


Jack Vance passed away Sunday. He was 96. You may read and leave comments at:


The world of letters, and the world of good folk, is poorer now.


Well, response has been far more typical of Vance fans than I had expected. I am very encouraged by your response. I am still hunting funding, but there have been a few very good suggestions.

Someone mentioned Kickstarter… if you haven’t heard of this, have a look at their site. It is a distinct possibility. It will take two months, but would do the trick.

One thing: don’t send money right now. If I can continue, then I’ll ask once more, but at the moment, sending me money means more I may have to return.

Thanks again…

About Slipcases

That’s still alive. I have no problems there, just the major issue.

Someone has offered a suggestion for funding, I’m talking today with him.

An Update

Folks, there’s a problem and it’s past time to let you know about it.

Here’s the issue: in the past, I have first asked for small deposits, to get a count of serious buyers. After a time, I would go to the printer with the count, get a current price, and then set the selling price. Based on past experience, however, I had already set the price for your copies.

Following that, I would ask for a substantial amount of money, to cover my costs. I cannot afford to just buy 100 sets, for example, so the buyers, through their first payment of $600 to $900, get the ball rolling. One of the reasons I have done it this way is that although I don’t have to print the entire set at once, I do have to buy all of the material so that covers and pages match in texture and color. As a result, there’s a hefty up front charge, hence the large first payment.

The strangest thing has happened. Few people have answered the call for the first large payment. I have begun to send out individual reminders, but some are unanswered, others ask for a bit of delay. I have never seen this happen before.

Now I am in the position of time going on, holding a lot of deposit for a long time, and unable to proceed. I have come to the conclusion that if I cannot find someone to front the printing costs (to the printer, not me!), I must cancel the second printing, and return everyone’s deposit. This I can do, but I have struggled trying to find a solution. I’m not coming up with one.

I’m am sorry to be so blunt about this, but there it is. Deposits are secure: they can all be returned. I have two or three other possible individuals to approach for funding, but it’s looking like a slim chance.

If you have questions, post them or e-mail me. If you’d just like your money back now, let me know that and I’ll take care of it. I don’t hold out a lot of hope of finding a backer, so returning your money is fine with me.

Two or three people, who first paid either in full or a large deposit, will get sets from my personal stock. I will also have a few damaged sets that I will offer to people in the order of their deposits. The damaged sets are readable, but have cover or water damage.

I’m very sorry about this mess.


Question for you good (and patient) folks…

I was in the UK for about a week, and during that time someone left a voice mail message on my phone. It’s a garbled mess, but I gathered that it was someone calling about books. If it was you, call again, I’m back and answering that line.

Best of Season to You

There’s no new dates… that’s the situation. Also, remarkably few payments have arrived after the call for the up-front. This is used to pay for paper and cover material, all of which is bought in advance (so that it matches.) I will finalize, one way or another, before the 31st of this year. Standby. I’m sorry this has dragged out so long.

Pesky shipping prices on slipcases…

Aw, I don’t have the darned shipping prices for the slipcases yet. They’re an odd size, 20″ x 8″ x 1.5″. Bear with me…

Final Prices and Shipping Data On the CVIE

At long last, prices are finalized. Prices, including shipping for the 6 volume CVIE are $1495 US Domestic, $1535 Canada and Mexico, and $1595 rest of world. These prices are good against one postal rate change (about one every 6 months) and as long as the Euro remains under $1.50. If I can arrange to ship from the EU to the EU, the cost to a buyer in the EU will be decreased somewhat.

Shipping dates are being finalized. Expect delivery before the end of the year.

For slipcases, $75 is the cost of the slipcase, but I am still getting the shipping prices, and may be able to ship from the EU to the EU.

You may now send $900 first payment on a CVIE set. You will receive four of the volumes. If satisfied, you may send your balance and receive the final two books.

If you are buying a slipcase, wait a few days and I’ll have shipping prices for you so that you can make one payment.

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