A Happy New Year to All…

Just a wish for a healthy and prosperous New Year to you. Typesetting and proofing are going well, given the time of year. With any luck, the next post will be a printing date and shipping schedule… Regards to all. /Bob/

Updated Table of Contents

There’s an updated table of contents for the six volume set on the website: http://www.AftonHouseBooks.com. Best of the season to all of you.

Volume 2 Update

Proofing is finished on Volume 2. Fixes from the proofer have been incorporated. The new pdf goes through one more process (called “diffing”) before we commit it. Christmas, however, will now delay everyone a few days.

I Stand (in the 2′ of snow) Corrected

My compositor and other staff actually read what I write, and they have some comments:

Volume 1: Ready
Volume 2: Couple of novels not proofed. All other errata in.
Volume 3: (the good news!) needs about another hour or so of work, then proofing.

I just work here…

Volume 2 is reviewed

Review of Volume 2 is finished. Some typos and other dust were discovered. Once they are corrected, both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are ready to be printed.

Welcome Vancians!

I’ve decided that the easiest way to keep subscribers and interested parties informed on the status of the publication is to blog. Here it is: if it seems useful, I’ll keep it.

At the moment, Volume 1 is ready to print. Volume 2 is almost ready: a few days and it’s off to the printer. Books should be printed by early January, and subscribers will get their books as soon as they are shipped first from Milan to Virginia, and then from Virginia to the subscriber.

More later…