Shipping Update

The ship with the last two volumes, 5 & 6, has made port in New York. Now the usual process: container content through customs in Richmond, VA, shipping from Richmond, VA to Charlottesville. The books won’t be here this week, because it’s a 3 day week due to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. So delivery will occur sometime next week. Then they go out to you. This can take up to two weeks: this is not my day job. And I want to keep my day job…they allow me to ship to our dock here, which is nice of them. But they are fussy about paying me to pack and ship books.

If you are a recent subscriber, and are waiting for any of volumes 1-4, some are shipping tomorrow, and some the day after. That will catch up most of you. A few people haven’t paid the second payment of $600, or the final payment of $295 plus S&H. But I’ll bug you if that’s the case.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Political correctness statement:

If you don’t happen to celebrate Christmas, accept my warmest regards for the season in place of “Merry Christmas”.


Foreverness Site Update

The FOREVERNESS Jack Vance Forum has upgraded to the latest phpBB3
software moved to a new URL:

Existing accounts are migrated with the same usernames and passwords.
If you have forgotten your password, retrieve it here:
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Shipping and a Neat Interview

The first copies of volume 5&6 have arrived in the States. One of my subscribers paid to have them sent air express (at a hefty charge) and has them now. He seems very pleased. (No–don’t ask. No more can be shipped from Milan, it was done as a favor. My printer is a printer, not a fulfillment center.)

There’s a neat interview with Jack and Fred Poul available as a download: