Coming in January…

Ordering Information for the CVIE and the Slipcases… January will be the signup and head-counting month. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to men of good will. (This includes folks following this blog, naturally… )

Best of the Season to You

It has been months since I have posted anything: my apologies. There are two items of open business that people commonly ask me about: slip cases and a new printing. Let me give you an update now.

The financial situation in Italy has been appalling. I am fully confident in my printer there, but I have been taking a “wait and see” position on new orders. Part of the issue is the Euro, which have rarely failed to rise after I place orders. Perhaps Someone is watching.

My plans at this time are these: I will announce, in January, the cost and shipping date for slip cases. I will accept payment in full (think in the $75 range). This will guarantee your case, and will also come with expected shipping. Shipping to the US will be from Virginia; shipping to the EU will be from Milan. Rest of the world, most likely Virginia-based. I will leave the ordering process open for 30 days, then orders after that will be on a “if you are lucky” basis.

I plan to do something similar for the next impression of the CVIE. I will accept a 50% advance payment, with a schedule for the printing of volumes. Cost will have risen to about $1495. They will be printed in pairs; but printing will take place over a relatively short period compared to the first impression. Before you ask: I need the large up-front because I pay for all materials up-front. This is the only way in which I can guarantee that paper and covers match. This will be a short run: again, I will open orders for only one month, print a few extra, and orders after that time will be on an as-available basis.

I still have available, on consignment, a full Readers’ Edition of the original VIE. $4500, including domestic shipping. Shipping overseas to be discussed.

Questions? I’ll be happy to answer them…