Erata: Most Important


As you peruse your copies, you may come across something that looks like a typo or other sort of errata. I encourage you to post your errata here. I am happy to take your findings in e-mail, but that means that some items may be reported numerous times. If they are posted here, I’ll note the first occurrence, and no one need bother any further.

Jack’s work comes to something like 4.4 million words. If we messed up one word in 100,000, that’s 44 errors. I can almost assure you that there are 44 errors in our text, although many have been passed down to the CVIE through the VIE and even from Jack’s manuscripts.

Errata come from an amazing number of sources. Many times, “errata” are found that are false positives. That is, something appears in a peculiar way because Jack wanted it that way. I have access to the original VIE editing documents, and can check out any particular errata.

The only way this may help you is this: if we discover some large error due to our own typesetting, we can print a correction and mail it out. Of course, Joel Anderson loses his Nympharium privileges for various periods of time, or for minor errors, must make due with the older Nymphs.

If you do find something, post it in this thread. If you wish to send it to me via e-mail, start the subject line as follows: “CVIE Errata” and I will deal with it as soon as I can.