A few updates. All sets are sold out from the first impression. I am preparing an order for a second impression. If you’d like a set, please send me e-mail (AftonHouseBooks@Cugel.net). Replace “Cugel” with “earthlink”. All six volumes will be shipped at one time. Before I finalize the order with the printer, I will as for a deposit from new customers. Current customers may just indicate to me that they want a set. Final payment is due before I ship.

The cost will rise somewhat, I can’t help that. Estimate is $1475.

Shipping remains the same: domestic, $60. Mexico and Canada, $100. Rest of world, $180. There’s a small chance that I can ship to the EU somewhat more cheaply, I’m working on it.

Fees: Personal check or money order, none. Wire transfer, $12. PayPal, domestic: 2.9%. PayPal foreign, 3.9%.

One last thing. Someone sent me a chunk of money this week, by wire. There is no way to identify the source at my end. If you sent me money via wire, please let me know.