The time has come, the walrus said…

Folks, I have just about reached end-game. I have been unable to find a partner to help complete the second printing. I have one more person to talk to in the next week or so. If I do not reach an agreement, then I will tell you so, and I will return deposits for the second printing starting April 16th. I will return funds–in full–in the order I received them. I reach this position regretfully, but things have dragged on very much too far as it is.

If I should ever offer a second printing again, I will only do so with stock in hand, ready to ship.

Slipcovers are in the same boat: but I am hoping to pull those out yet, as they are not exactly a major capital investment.

I have a small supply of volumes that have been damaged, but are readable. I will offer them for sale after the return of your deposits and payments. I don’t think I have a complete set of even damaged volumes, but I will photo the damage for anyone interested when I am ready to sell them off. They might afford someone some of Jack’s work that they do not presently have.

I appreciated the patience you have shown, and once again apologize for the non-event of the second printing.