Jack Vance in E-Book

I mentioned this once before, but there’s a site which has increasing numbers of Jack’s works, all converted from the original VIE texts, with the (very) few VIE errata corrected. You can down load The Chasch for free, and most other titles seem to be $6. There’s no DRM.

I am getting these myself, because my 6-volume set is a bit bulky in my luggage! And I don’t take my leather-bound original VIE set anywhere…

Just letting you know.

Should have final prices on everything in a week or so… stand by, when it happens, it will be fast.

Status and Update: CVIE & Slipcases

Sorry to have disappeared on you. I am now working two jobs for a bit, and Afton House Books is job 3. However, I expect final cost on both books and slipcovers any day now, and when I have them, I’ll report final prices to you. At that time, a further deposit on the CVIE will be requested, and the full price of the slipcases. I will also have firm shipping dates, so that at that point, it will all run automatically.