Odds and Ends

All but a handful of volumes 5&6 have been sent out. A few of you still haven’t made a last payment: if you haven’t received volumes 5&6 by now, please let me know. Every set that went out was preceded by an e-mail announcement, so if you never got books, nor got an e-mail notice, then your books are sitting in my ultrasonics lab. If you got an e-mail notice, but no books, that’s a problem we’ll have to work on.

There are a few damaged book replacements going out this week. I had another adventure, which slowed me down, but it didn’t involve totalling a car this time. Sorry. As I have mentioned, this isn’t my day job.

I have a number of requests for slipcases: I’m still getting final prices. I’ll have a few extra if you change your mind and decide you want one, but it helps if you give me a heads up.

For those of you waiting to see if there are any sets available: please be patient. I have to reserve an amazing number of books to make sure that current buyers get 6 good books. You will appreciate this caution when you get your own books. In any event, I have a request in for a limited second impression so that I can supply those of you who came late. Unfortunately, the price will rise somewhat: this is beyond my control.