About Your E-Mail Address…

Two things I find rather chilling. One is the return of a package… unless I know why. Sometimes, people  have moved and not told me about it. Well, you aren’t obliged to, but I do need a valid physical address to send valid physical books. The other chilling thing is a notice in e-mail: “2011 September 30 2025 GMT message received from Banzai!Geveltefish BF338590ddddfirzopen error; message undeliverable, go jump in the lake… Texas has finally seceded from the Union” or something like that. If you have changed your e-mail address, and I haven’t responded to your new address, drop me a note, please… it makes me worry that I’m sending books off into the void.

It’s Sunday; I’m packing more books… a batch is waiting right at this very instant of time for the USPS to come and get them.

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