Shipping Update

More books will ship on Friday of this week. They would have shipped tomorrow, but a) we got 4″ of snow, and I can’t get down my driveway, since it descends about 60 meters along its length of 600 meters and b) I tried to get down, but instead I ran my car off my driveway, across rough ground, and into a tree. The tree is fine, thanks for asking. It was an amazing ride, with only partial ability to steer, and none to brake. I managed to avoid going over two different 5 meter embankments, protected only by wussy guard rails.  The car is probably totaled, and I feel a bit beat up, even though the crash was so slow that the airbags didn’t deploy. Besides the damage to the car, considerable damage was done to my ego. I haven’t hit anything (or been hit) with a car since sometime in 1988.

Makes you think about taking out insurance on my life, doesn’t it? At least until all of your books arrive.

Those of you who I owe single volumes: be patient. I am trying to combine some shipping, since it costs the same to send 2 books as 1 book to the EU or anywhere else outside the US.  Plus, I’m in the middle of trying to get the remainder of volumes 5&6 out the door.


  1. töff said,

    January 26, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    > “The tree is fine, thanks for asking.”

    But the books, man! — the books! —

    Well, you win a VIE Purple Heart or some such, for wounds taken in the course of duty. I take back all aspersions I cast on your commitment to the cause. I hope your car insurance will pay out; and here’s to a quick recovery from the aches.

    Hmm, my one and only car wreck was about 1988, too. And the car was totalled, too. Coincidence? I think not!

    So … now you’re dog-sledding books to the post office? …

    • rclacovara said,

      January 26, 2011 at 8:57 pm

      Actually, I don’t cart the books around in my car. They are delivered on skids to my office, and I spend all of my spare time repacking them in pairs. Then I call the USPS, and tell them I have 50 boxes (I do about 50 at a time) and they send a truck. The truck is often filled with mail before they get there: I don’ t know why since they know both the weight and volume of what I’m sending. But there you have it.

      As for my poor car, Mercedes… I don’t own a Mercedes, understand, but that’s what I call my Toyota Corolla (circa summer of ’01, 115K miles). I call it that because when I bought it, I was paying child support of about $750/month, even though my daughter was with me 3 days out of seven. I realized that had I no child support or alternately, no child, I could have a Mercedes Benz. I didn’t really want a Mercedes Benz, I would have been happy with a $40K airplane, but you get the drift. After all, who would call a car “airplane”? But I am happy that I kept the kid, since Julia packed all of volumes 3 & 4 for me a few months ago. She can’t do 5&6, ’cause she’s in Perth, but that’s the way it goes. Now i need some more pain killers with beer to wash them down.

  2. Rebecca Stefoff said,

    January 30, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Much sympathy on the damage to, or loss of, your car. The misadventure sounds pretty terrifying. (Years ago I had a brush with a guardrail on an icy mountain road and was grateful for it, as the alternative to hitting it would have been worse.) Thanks again for all your labors on the CVIE–don’t kill yourself trying to get those last volumes out.

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