Sorry that I’ve been so remiss on the blog lately. Travel, work, cigars… well, travel and work. However, good news of progress.

Books are being printed. I’m still waiting for a firm date on shipment, but as soon as I have it, I’ll let you know.

As to getting the other 4 volumes ready, we are in very good shape. All but 5 titles are composed: two novels and three short stories remain to be set.

After setting, the volumes are proofed: V3 & V4 are proofed, V5 is ready for proofing, and V6 contains the last 5 titles mentioned above.

After proofing, a last check is made, which we call “diffing”. We find differences between the set text and the reference texts from the original VIE. This is important for two types of errors: omissions, and duplications. Obviously, the proofers can’t determine that something is missing, although if something is duplicated, they often catch that. We run the diffing process because there’s so much material. V3 & V4 are being diffed as we speak, and once diffing is finished: off to the printer.

I realize that I had hoped to have volumes in December, but my hope is that once you have the finished volume in hand, that you’ll agree that the results justified the delay.


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