Hello again. I may have been hard to reach. My laptop died last week, and I am now reloading it. You may know from sad experience how long that takes. I hope to be fully up by Wednesday.

The weekend, the rains in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia have caused flooding and a lot of inconvenience, if not serious damage. The hillside behind my home deposited about 10 cubic yards of itself onto my driveway and carport. What a mess. At least nothing structural was affected. Another reason I may be hard to get for a few days.

On the composition side of things, Joel Anderson reports:

“Composition of the short stories and novelettes for volume 4 has been

“Recently there was a faint echo of the VIE’s textual integrity high-
jinks, where veterans of those activities were consulted on the use
of macrons over long vowels in ‘Mohenjo Daro’, which surprisingly or
not occurs in two of Vance’s stories. We may, or may not, run a
contest to see who can name those stories without recourse to the
Totality site.

“The quantity of shorts for this book made it seem more manageable to
set them in two InDesign files. Most volumes have individual files
for each novel and another for its shorts, which are finally
assembled as one PDF file for the printer. Volume 6 also has a good
number of short stories, including all those featuring Magnus
Ridolph, which were done last summer. The Lyonesse books are next on
the docket, and it will be pretty much downhill from there.”

I’m now working on getting the first two volumes printing and delivery scheduled. Stay tuned…



1 Comment

  1. wrycur said,

    January 26, 2010 at 8:16 am

    Great, Bob, looking forward to hearing more.

    10 cubic yards is a lot. Climates are changing though. Hope you get more clement weather soon.

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